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WOWTM Western - Intro


We have now launched our WOW™ Western saddle!  Like the English WOW™ saddle the WOW™ Western is supremely comfortable as well as having some very unique patented features. 

Lateral Flexion™ Tree
The key to the success of the WOW
saddle is the unique carbon fibre tree design which has Lateral Flexion™. This literally means that the tree is very flexible laterally but not longitudinally which means that the bearing surface and weight distribution is maximized. The tree twists just in front of the riders seat therefore allowing a still seat but real freedom of movement of the horse’s shoulders.


Inter-Changeable Tree Widths
The tree widths are changed with an interchangeable headplate on to which the horn is mounted. Therefore this Western WOW™ saddle can be fitted to the very highest wither or the flattest backed horse!  If you want a saddle without a horn the WOW™ Western can take a Standard English WOW™ headplate making it lighter still!

Inter-Changeable Bucking Rolls
The saddle uses a slick fork design (no swell) with bucking rolls; these are interchangeable for different sizes and shapes. The whole saddle is a fraction of the weight of traditional western which will appeal to riders. 

Inter-Changeable Girthing & Fenders
The saddle can be fitted with English girthing or western cinch girthing. The fenders (stirrups) attach to the saddle on English style stirrup bars; of which there are two each side giving two positions (forward and backward) for the riders leg. This also gives the safety of detachable stirrups not found on traditional western saddles. 

Adjustable Korrector Adjustable Air Pad Included 
The Western WOW™ saddle has a Western Korrector™ The Adjustable Air Pad with four air bags enabling adjustment of the saddles balance and fit both front to back and side to side. The air system under the saddle allows the saddle to mould continuously to a moving horse giving it and the rider greater comfort.

Those riders lucky enough to try the saddle whilst in development have been amazed at the difference in their horse's freedom of movement and softness over the back. 


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