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WOWTM Western Korrector™ 


Korrector™ is an adjustable air filled saddle pad which, can be quickly and easily adjusted in a few minutes by the rider, using the pocket sized pump provided, to change the fit and balance of their saddle on one or more horses.


Korrector™ can be adjusted to create either.

  • a front riser pad, or

  • a back riser pad, or

  • a general shock absorber pad, or

  • a general pad and riser combined, or

  • a general pad with asymmetrically adjusted bags for an asymmetric horse/and or rider.  

You do not need to re -adjust daily.  


Korrector™ has been proven by independent pressure

testing to give the horse greater comfort by…

  • Dispersing the pressure points of the saddle

  • Increasing the bearing surface of the saddle

  • Allow the back and shoulder muscles to work unrestricted

  • Absorb impact shock from the rider

  • Alleviate pressure across the spine and wither area.


Korrector™ benefits the rider by…

  • Allowing the rider to adjust the pad for seasonal changes in the horse's shape

  • Absorbing the jarring shock to the rider's lower back

  • Enabling the saddle to be used on several different shape horses.

  • Allowing the rider to adjust the saddle diagonally and laterally to allow for both asymmetric horses and riders weight distribution.

Korrector™ was developed using computerised pressure testing equipment on live horses. Using this technology has meant that we can scientifically prove that Korrector™ really does do what we claim. These claims have been proved by independent test houses.


The tests proved Korrector™ performed better than other pads and gel pads on the market in terms of shock absorption, increasing bearing surface and reducing pressure points.


The Western Korrector™ pad is designed for the shape and style of your WOW™ Western saddle.


The pad is supplied in thick breathable wool felt with leather inserts to protect the pad from wear. The pad is split at the wither and has a saddle string for tying to the swell to prevent it pulling downwards and creating pressure on either the withers or spine. 


If a Navaho blanket is used the weave is normally big enough that the strings can be threaded

through from underneath.


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