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  WOWTM Western - The Bars



On a western saddle the Bars of the tree are integral part of the tree connected  to one another by the Fork and the Cantle.  The Bars are actually very similar in shape to that of an English panel with one difference they extend further forward and back these extensions are own as the Fan and the Burr.  These extensions of the tree are not for support of the riders weight as they should not bear down on the horse they are in fact like a pack horse saddle used to carry items such as bed rolls, water containers, etc.  


The WOW™ (patent pending) panel system has more supportive area than a bar on a conventional western saddle and becomes an extension of the WOW tree when the two are bolted together.  The difference is that the bar is only 3mm thick and therefore much less bulky!  We call it our Pointless Panel System™ or PPS.  



You can see above that the WOW tree with one of the bars bolted in place.  On the other side you can see the two stirrup bars and headplate fixed in place.  The WOW bar protects the horse from pressure of the stirrup bars and presents to the horse a flat even bearing surface exactly like a conventional western bar.  The difference is that the bar also extends down more than a conventional western saddle and the further away from the tree the more flexible it becomes where a conventional tree is totally rigid.  This bar is covered by the skirts which are lined with fleece.


In an English saddle most panels are made purely from leather or like materials which because of their soft nature provide very little extra support area other than that of the tree.

With this in mind we created a panel which would...

  • Support the tree

  • Nullifying any of the pressure we normally see from stirrup bars and point of the tree. 

  • Extend the bearing surface of the tree to achieve a much greater and more consistent bearing surface for the saddle. 

The plastic plate system on top of the panel to create a pointless tree and panel ending 12-13 inches down from the head. This extra depth of support decreases pressure on the shoulder and encourages better movement of the horse. 


The panels incorporating the bars can therefore be separated on a WOW™ western saddle from the seat.  This means that choices of seat design are simple and easy to change between differing skirt designs!



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